New feature in Textbox Control widget!

saw this just now, pretty sure it was not there yesterday!

what else is new?
where is the announcement?
did i miss it?



Hello @Xyzor_Max

I confirm that it seems to be new :), I had not noticed this change ^^.

And a little trick I just discovered too, if you put the /text in a code block and well you can have the full width of text displayed.

Great find and wonderful new for sure. This has been on the wishlist since textbox was introduced - it allows for data entry and filters without affecting other users of the doc.


It is even better, this applies to controls too, date/time controls, select boxes, filter controls and probably more.
This makes life so much easier, I am modifying my main doc right now!
And checkboxex too!

Hello @Thierryvm ,
Can you tell me the sequence of putting things on the canvas, I am not able to get the textbox to stretch.
Greetings, Joost


Yes with pleasure @

First step, you just have to create your text field.
Second step, convert it into a code block as shown in the screenshots :slight_smile:
Then, to have access to the parameters of the field, it is not necessary to select it.




the field can contain roughly 16 characters max from what I could see, but there may be a formula to improve that.

Hi Max,

They seem to drop things as they are ready, and then will make a announcement with a handful of the new feature together.

This seems a big enough change that we will certain see some announcement soon.


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Maybe I misunderstood you. I can see about 22 characters, maybe a few more when the text field sits in a code block, but there it stops, is does never get any wider. I can store a long sentence in a text field, but it will never show completely, only partially.

Can you share a screen print that holds (and shows) a, for example, 40 character text line in a text field that is stretched to show the entire text line please.

Hello @joost_miner

Indeed, I think there is a misunderstanding and misinterpretation on my part :(. It is not possible to display a sentence longer than 22 characters, but I thought there might have been a solution at the formula level. Sorry for the confusion.



Thank you for clarifying that.

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