Show full length text in text controls

Hello there!

Is it possible to set the text control fields so that they show the full text? At the moment, only the first 19/20 characters are displayed, which is already too short for many email addresses.

Thank you!

hi @Huber_Stefan_Werner ,

no you cannot, what you can do instead is replacing this controller with a table with one row and once cell and reference this cell via @ something.

It is a dirty fix, but it may work.

cheers, christiaan


Thank you Christiaan!

The problem with this approach is, that the main reason I use the control-Value is that they can have user-specific / individual values, whicht tables can’t. So I guess that’s not really a solution.

you can extend the solution above by having a separate row for each user.
store the user() id on the row, but keep it hidden.

filter the table by the current user() so each user only sees their own row.



Or you could embed a form on your page. Entries can be as many characters as you want.
Upon submitting the form you can process the contents as you see fit - merge with existing records, make a new record, etc.
In your screenprint it is not clear what you are trying to accomplish, so I am not sure if this is an option for you.
With proper locking no one can temper with your form :grin:.