Help! Any larger version of the /text command?

Does anyone know of any pack or any other tool that has a larger version of the /text command?

The problem I am running into using the /text command is that when entering larger amounts of text, the content is all side scrolling and you cannot see the full typed out content in the bar.

(The sentence text is cut off)

The only work around I can think of is using a single row/column table to enter text. But you then have limited styling options, i.e. you cannot put a table inside of a callout, but you can with the /text.

For anyone asking why I would need this, I am making a tool to enter in text data that then builds a report using the entered text data (and other stored coda data). With the /text command I can name it and then reference it in formulas/buttons to move the data around.

I would love to see Coda implement a larger version of the /text or update it to have it auto expand to allow for full visualization of all the entered content/text.

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Hi @Nik_Martin,

Unfortunately I don’t have a fix for the text box width.

You can however use the table row within a callout by referencing the cell directly.

Use = to start the formula then @ and the start of the cell’s content to specifically reference the cell.

Normally this will create a blue link without formatting but add .ColumnName, in this case .Name, and it will pull in with formatting. This will work the same way as referencing a formula or text control by name. It won’t have a fixed name but it will not loose the link as you delete and modify the cells value. You could have a hidden column and refernce that so that it will be a static identifier and then use the visible column in the callout. Example below.

More info:

I hope that this solves your issue with referencing a table within a callout.

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