Is there any way to text format document formulae or @ references?

I am using tables to print a page on my Coda doc in one of my projects. The referencing (with @) and in-doc formula capabilities work really well for this and gives a dynamic view which can then be embedded.

The only issue is that I am unable to format the text to any great degree, the references have over-running colour format and the formulae have the grey round box showing up kind of uncomfortably.

Is there any way around this? If not is it something Coda has in the works?

You can use a user styles manager like Stylus for Chrome to do this.

It allows you to override the CSS loaded by the website, so you can add your own CSS styles to format the text as you like. When you print the page it will be printed with your CSS applied.

Keep in mind that it won’t work well if Coda change something, but it’s a safe temporary workaround.

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Thanks that solves it temporarily :nerd_face:

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