Resource Management summaries

Hi All,
I have a table where I have a bunch of activities for our consultants - some confirmed (checkbox column), some complete (separate checkbox column) with each row containing the Task, Location, Start Date, Duration and End Date (calculated from start + duration)

I am trying to create a summary view to ensure we do not over allocate people on a monthly basis.

I would like to show the consultant on the left (I have a row per consultant looking up from the All Consultants table in a different section) which when you select the consultant it then calculates the number of days confirmed, unconfirmed, total and % offsite (location can be Office or Offsite) on a per month basis.

Cannot figure out how to do this in Code (I have this running in Excel at the moment).

I have a hidden MonthName column which uses the MonthName formula to calculate the month the start date

Anyone have any ideas?

I definitely recommend using the filter by thisRow formula here. This article goes through an example in the latter half.

Hope that helps!