Resource Utilization Of Month

Recently one of our customers wanted to build a table that summarizes the effort needed per month from a tasks table. My colleague, John and I put an example that shows how it can be done. Hopefully it will come handy for other members looking for solution.


Oh this is SO incredibly clever. Thankyou @Krunal_Sheth

I’ve been building out a function in our project management doc that spreads income of a project over the project time. And you do NOT want to see the enormous if statements I made to even get it 3/4 working. I stumbled over this while looking for other month based formula help, and I can apply your techniques for finding unique days and months direct to my needs!



Just one question though. Looking in your doc, I see this error - which i take it is more of a warning than anything else as it all is working.

Its not something to be worried / concerned about?