Results of a survey in a word cloud

I would like to see the results of a survey in a word cloud. So instead of displaying the number of times a word appears, I would like to display the words according to the number of votes. I told to make an intermediate table with a formula that displays the word several times (1 per row) depending on the number of votes but have figure out how to do this.

Do you have any idea how I could do this?

Hey @Samuel_Dedeurwaerdere, welcome to the Community!

No need for a separate table; the words seem to be counted right from the “Idea” column across all rows in the view. Meaning you can simply construct a column where the text in “Idea” will be repeated as many times as there are upvotes (don’t forget spaces between string repetitions). Then set up your chart to calculate words from that new column.

P.S. The word cloud chart breaks down items in the text column into words by spaces (any spaces, it seems). So the only way to calculate the whole multi-word text as a single entry is to replace spaces within the text with something else, e.g. hyphens:

Concatenate(thisRow.Word.RegexReplace("\s+", "-"), " ").Repeat(thisRow.Times)


Great! Thank you for your answer.

Yes it would be great to be able to count the whole multi-word text as a single entry. For example in html you can stick words together by using  . But it’s already a very good solution, thanks!

I tried different sorts of spaces (you can insert a character using Character(160), where the number is a decimal Unicode number of the character; 160 being for non-breaking space). Coda still broke those down into separate words. Hence the hyphen.