Reviews added to a table

Would it be possible to add reviews to a table where the reviews can be seen when the row is clicked and only the average is shown in the overview?

We work with many different companies and navigating through which one is the best is a very manual process (word of mouth). I wanted to offer value to our loan officers when going about that.

HI Fabian,

could you give more details?


Yes. I want to be able to accumulate an average of reviews on a specific row.

In my case, we have different lenders and in order to figure out who is the best one I want people to review each one. Each lender takes one row in my table and each column has the different properties that we can compare each lender to, including

In order to see which one is the best I would like to show an average of each lender rating, wherein we can filter for the highest rating.

Here’s an example of what it could look like:

When clicked:

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