Show average from scale columns

Hi, I have a table with a list of ideas for team consideration. I want each user to vote on each idea using the a scale (e.g. 1 to 5 stars). I have given each user their own column to make their vote. My problem is, I would like to calculate the average rating from each user and can’t figure out how to do it. I’ve included a screenshot of the table - I want the average rating to be shown in the Average Vote column (ideally shown as a star scale too)

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You should be able to do this by using an Average() formula in your Average Vote field :blush:

Something like :
Average(thisRow.[Laura Vote],thisRow.[Sean Vote],thisRow.[Ed Vote],thisRow.[Mike Vote])

As scale are numbers, the result will show up as a scale too :blush:

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What @Pch suggested should do it for you!

But also try to use filters with the User() formula in your table in order to show each user in your doc only the rows they should modify, that will prevent anyone from modifying eachothers votes!

Create a new column named User, and make it register who created the row:

Then filter the table so only the person who created the row can see it:

Thanks @Pch, the formula works but it doesn’t show the average as a scale, just a number - any way to make it display as a scale?

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Thanks @SureKT, this is what I wanted to do at first but couldn’t work out how to do it - the solution I’ve gone for is a separate page in the doc for each user with a view of the table where I’ve hidden the other people’s columns.

With you solution, will this only show if that user created the entire row? The idea is anyone can put an idea in (using a form view) and then we all vote on each idea - so anyone could have created each row

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Hmm :thinking: … It should show up as a scale if you choose the Scale format for your average field …

Oh yes, that’s fixed it thanks!

You’re Welcome :blush:

And yes the Created by only shows who created the rows :wink: where Modified by will show who modified it :blush:.