Salesforce Pack - Account() function

I’m facing some difficulties while testing the function Account() on Salesforce Pack.

For instance, when using the valid ID like 0054x000004gzsuAAA or the valid URL,

I am unable to display the object Account information correctly despite trying various approaches.

Does anyone have any tips?

Hey @Tiago_Maluta, is the row just blank, or are you getting an error message?

Just blank

Thanks! In that example you shared, it looks like that’s a Contact ID and not Account:**Contact** /0054x000004gzsuAAA/view

Try updating the ID there, or use the Contact option instead of Account.

You can also try the Contact card option in the Salesforce Pack panel here:

Thanks, Jasmine, for these ideas. You are right, I am referencing a Contact, not an Account object, but even with that adjustment and now using Contact(), altough I got no error but only an “empty salesforce icon”


Hi Tiago, I’d recommend reaching out to support so we can take a look at your doc and your setup more closely ! You can reach support using the question mark icon at the bottom of your screen on Coda, or emailing

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