Google Contact Pack - export result field

Does anyone know:
I have implemented a button to add a contact from a Coda row into my Google contacts (works like a charm). There is an optional button setting to show the result in a field of your choice. The result I get (after a successful export) is “” . It there a way to get a bit more meaningful result of the button action?


Hey @joost_mineur

What kind of result would you hope for? What information would you want to see?

Hello @Scott_Collier-Weir ,

Well, really anything but a space. If you can list a column as a result field, you would expect something like true or false (with success or fail), or perhaps the Google contact list where the contact has been added. It is not a big deal, but I don’t understand a space (or brackets) as a return from a function.


@joost_mineur that is interesting - usually when it returns brackets I believe it is representing a “blank” result or value.

As a workaround you could change that button to do two actions at once using the RunActions() formula and then have the second action be to ModifyRows(thisrow, AddContactResult, "Added") or something similar

Would that help? It could essentially customize your result in a results column.

Hey @Scott_Collier-Weir,

I realize that I can do that, but there is a result option as part of this pack. If it is not returning a clear result, we don’t need this option. Using your solution only indicated that we pushed the button, not that the pack has worked. I haven’t, to my knowledge, run into a situation that the pack didn’t work: therefore my question is still open: what kind of feedback/return value should we expect when this pack function succeeds or fails.