Saving a view as PDF

New to Coda, and I had a question about how to export a view into a weekly / monthly report that I can share with my team.

Is there any way to easily export a section as a PDF outside of using my browser print functionality? Printing from a browser doesn’t look great to me and take advantage of the nice views you can create.


There are a few ways that data from Coda can be shared, and they are adding more cool features all the time. Here are a few that might help out…

Presentation Mode

Public Sharing, Embeds, Comment Only Sharing

Email a Section from Coda

Custom Email Newsletter Planning, Sending, and Logging

If you have other needs or thoughts on how things could be shared, you can post in the Suggestion Box.

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I’d like to second the request for a PDF export button functionality. Would be useful for reports, invoices, receipts, etc…

(Also Word exports, TXT exports, and CSV exports, while I’m here wishing for things.)

– Maria


I would also second (or third) the request for PDF export.
I am contemplating the possibility of migrating our reporting system to Coda, but without PDF export is a hard sell…


Please please add this function - saving / exporting to PDF. Would be so useful to be able to take a section and turn it immediately into a PDF.

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Not sure about Windows but on Mac (Chrome) you can “File --> Print…” and choose “Save as PDF”.

It’s not perfect because it creates page breaks. However, you can “inspect” the print dialog and - if you’re careful - you can make a new paper size to match the size of your doc. It’s very fiddly but works at a pinch. :slight_smile:

I can’t believe this has still not been done.

I see improvements in Coda but this surly has to be top of the list, very strange.


Is it true that this still isn’t possible? Is there a timeline on this feature? I’d love to use Coda but this is an instant deal breaker, as many people want to use this type of software to organize data to use on paper and in the real world, not just on computers.

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Many things about reporting from Coda are possible; I assume by “this” you mean exactly the what the title says - Saving a view as a PDF.

I know my accounting department closes the left nav tab and uses Chrome to File | Print to PDF with great success. Using landscape output and ensuring the browser window is not excessively wide, the tabular reports based on views and Cross-Doc tables are very clean looking.

I also do a lot of stuff like this using Google Apps Script integration.

Yes… huge limitations still here… the team is working hard to bring always new features… i’m sure they are evaluating this in their backlogs…

Meanwhile I can share a little trick (obviously it’s impossible to catch-up @Paul_Danyliuk…he is the master of tricks, but I don’t have much time :slight_smile:
BTW I’m using a nice chrome extensions that behaves how screenshots works on mobile. In fact it takes a full screenshot of whole page (with an auto scrolling feature) and creates a PNG or a PDF.

You can install the extension from here -->

Obviously I used the famous trick to create nice dashboards and using this extension I create PDF to share with stakeholders…


This is the most underrated trick I’ve seen. Thank you so much for sharing!