Survey: Export to PDF & Printing

Hi all! We’ve heard many requests to create PDFs from Coda content, and to improve printing.

If you have either need, we’d love to hear from you to understand more about your scenario. Take the survey below:

Coda PDF export & printing survey



Done! Just gave one example out of many I can think of, considering Coda as doc-making software I really hope this becomes a well-thought-out function in the near future… :crossed_fingers:

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Thanks for looking is, I’ve done the survey.

Thank you for setting this up! I filled in the form with one of the examples we would need this feature. Hopefully this feature will be there in the very near future! :smiley:

Provided some feedback. Hope it helps. Over time, I learned not to use Coda for printing but that’s definitely limiting a lot of the projects we were hoping to build.

What about exporting to markdown?

Coda uses markdown under the hood, as it can be checked using piece of code

markdown is by far more flexible, as you can convert it into other formats using pandoc or whatever other product

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Would love to take the survey but it is not loading for me :sweat: I will try at a later time. In the meantime I will put some thoughts in here just in case.

It loaded right when I finished typing this… here are my thoughts anyway :joy:

I view PDF as an essential for Coda. While many of the users find the interface to be intuitive and pleasant to view online, the reality is that there are plenty of individuals out there who struggle even with the basic concept of using a single sign on with gmail/gsuite. For some companies these individuals might be major stakeholders and while in an ideal world everyone would learn these basic functions, the fact remains that there will be a large enough number of users or decision makers in companies who will require a more traditional format for their reports and docs.

Some instances where I would have had a use for this:

  • Doc reviewing customer information where sales reps provided information updates on a specific initiative.
  • Invoice or quote docs
  • Emailing larger docs

Coda looks really nice but does not translate well to email or in print - I imagine PDF would provide more flexibility in maintaining the clean and professional presentation of a Coda doc. The existing alternatives are extremely lacking at the moment. Printing is all but useless and exporting to Google Sheets or Excel oftentimes defeats the purpose of putting things in a Coda doc.

For non-technical users this will be a must-have. I have my ways around this limitation for now but it has always been a massive opportunity for improvement for Coda since I started using the product and I echo @Stefan_Stoyanov :


The most important things are IMO

  1. a needed selection which page to print/export so not the complete document must be printed
  2. larger font size,the actual font size used for printing is much too small
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Just as an FYI I have used this as a solution in the meantime - it isn’t perfect by any means:

This has let me select which page to export/print.

These days I should be ready to show a use case we want to solve.
I already took the survey


I agree. I really hope to see an option to export to markdown as well