Search Console pack is not working (`siteURL` is null)


I’m having issues trying to build a simple keyword list, using the Search Console pack.

When I do a formula like GoogleSearchConsole::QueryAnalytics(login, "", thisRow.Keyword).Clicks, it just doesn’t work, and there’s no error.

What I see on the Network inspector is that the formula is actually passed to Search Console, but the response looks like this:

píè400 - "{\n \"error\": {\n \"errors\": [\n {\n \"domain\": \"global\",\n \"reason\": \"invalidParameter\",\n \"message\": \"'null' is not a valid Search Console site URL.\",\n \"locationType\": \"parameter\",\n \"location\": \"siteUrl\"\n }\n ],\n \"code\": 400,\n \"message\": \"'null' is not a valid Search Console site URL.\"\n }\n}\n"€grpc-status: 0

UPDATE: I’m guessing the problem is using a domain property. But those parameters in the Search Console API Explorer work perfectly, so the issue must be in Coda.

Can anybody replicate or solve this?

Thanks :slight_smile: