"Section Name - Doc Name" as title for browser tabs

I don’t like wasting my precious mouse clicks :slight_smile:
At the moment when multiple sections are open on different tabs, the tab name is just the Doc Title, and this is confusing when you need to fast switch to a different section.
Would be nice to have something like “Section Name - Doc Name” as title for each open tab, with the respective icon.
In the reference image each tab has a different section open, but I can’t tell which section.



+1 Good suggestion. I think

Hi @Andr,

Another one I’ll add to the notes!

Thank you!

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Hi @BenLee, thanks!

While we are on the topic, I noticed also that we can’t open a section on a new tab by just MMB or CTRL+LMB on the section name, like you would normally do with links. Not sure if it can be implemented, but it would save more clicks and time.
Atm, to open a different section on a new tab, you have to ctrl-reload the page, then click on your section of interest. With the added lag time of the whole document load (the “spinning loading icon of Coda”).



+1 for building out multiple browser tab support.

Also like RMB > open link in new tab.