See you at Block Party tomorrow!

You can still snag your free ticket at and join us any time between 9a - 1:45p Pacific time.

Curious what we’ll be sharing? Learn more at Welcome to Block Party 2021 · Block Party 2021

See you there!


Love the goodie box, thank you!!!

Can’t wait! I made a video unboxing the goodie box here: How to sell websites on LinkedIn | Building a Webflow Agency - $0 to $100,000 - YouTube

I missed it live because I had some other stuff came up, but watching the replay videos now. Curious whether the beta test for new features is available to people who didn’t attend live

i had to miss the block party due to busines travel (remwmber that? well, its back!). have not had a chance to watch the replay (still travelling, poor bandwidth)

so anyone willing to post a summary of what was announced?


I could attend, but I missed the part in which were given the instructions for accessing the beta features

El El jue, 7 oct 2021 a las 5:52 a. m., Aaron Moritz via Coda Maker Community <> escribió:

Hi everyone! You can find a summary of where to access our content and Betas for upcoming features in this post: Thank you for joining us at Block Party (plus, some info in case you missed us live)