Block Party 2021 Registration is live! 🥳

Register at Coda Block Party 2021 - Oct 06 | Hopin and choose the Early Bird Party in a Box (either US or International if you are outside of the US) ticket type to get your FREE Coda swag box in time for the event on October 6, 2021!

Tickets will be available thru the event on October 6, but our limited number of swag boxes are on a first-come, first-served basis. Register by September 8, 2021 to make sure yours ships in time for the big day.



Sounds like a lot of fun! Signed up! Not going to turn down some sweet Coda swag too :raised_hands:


Just registered and looking forward to it!

not being an american, nor having english as my first language, i had no idea what a ‘block’ party was, nor any clue what a ‘swag’ box was. were they some technical terms for software development methodologies or some esoteric data science voodoo i wondered?

but now i know. duh!

so i signed up…

now all i need to find out is what this baby ‘shower’ party is all about that my friends in the US are talking about? ive sent a gift of baby soaps, so i hope thats appropriate. :wink:



:joy: I bet the soaps will be much appreciated!

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Woot Woot! This is so exciting and as a new convert to coda, looking forward to the merch!


Will there be any way for us poor souls in far eastern time zones (like Philippines) to enjoy the block party goodness? Will there be any recordings made available for do I have to wake up at midnight to attend?

Hi @Ryan_Martens2!

We intend to record the entire program, and will be sharing content on our social media channels (including YouTube) in the weeks following the event.


Ok! Can’t wait!! Who else is in???


Block Party speaker Annie Duke’s book, How to Decide, is on sale today for $1.99 on Kindle books:


Thank you everyone for your awesome participation yesterday! If you weren’t able to join us liv, you can find some links to our content and updates here: Thank you for joining us at Block Party (plus, some info in case you missed us live)