Thank you for joining us at Block Party (plus, some info in case you missed us live)

Thank you to everyone who participated in such a memorable and exciting Block Party 2021!

If you weren’t able to connect with us live, you can view a replay of our two main stages at We’ll also be uploading content to our YouTube channel over the coming days for you to watch and share with your friends; please join our subscribers at

And, if you’re interested in trying out some of the new and upcoming features we shared yesterday, you can find all of the details in Block Party companion doc at A gift to you: Early access · Block Party 2021

Thank you for joining us on this journey, and for inspiring us with your feedback and maker spirits. :raised_hands:


One of the best and most enjoyable virtual conferences I’ve ever attended. Flawless execution; superb content, and the flexible spaces with very informative PMs and support people really made this feel like I was hanging out at your offices. Thanks to all the Codans - this was a fun format.


your words are flattering to say the least.

Thank you so much! :pray:

I still prefer human interaction, but honestly I was surprised myself how it’s been fun and effective.
@Andrew_Stinger and all the organizers made an incommensurable job!


Thanks Andrew,

Appreciate this as I couldn’t make the live meeting. I have seen the section on Canvas Columns and canvas layout, and it is REALLY impressive.

Hi all
Unfortunately the replay site is extremely slow, and has been for a couple of hours now. Anybody else have the same problem?



Thanks for the flag @Piet_Strydom - we’ll pass on to the team at Hopin. Hopefully, we’ll have each individual session loaded into YouTube in the next day or so following post-production.

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Hey Andrew

I was super bummed to miss the Coda Block Party - question: the hopin link below doesn’t display a replay. - Should it?



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Hey @Eddie_Brennan ,

When you log in to the Hopin hosted Block Party you van view the replay. I can’t check if you can still make a Hopin login account (because I already have one), but I am pretty sure you can.


I just signed up for the new editor beta. Do you know when I might get accepted into the beta?

– Thanks Aidan

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There’s nothing replayable on the link for me either.

Also the Hopin site won’t load at all on Safari (obv not a Coda issue)


Don’t know whether you’ve already communicated with Hopin, but it is much better today, thanks.

Which is a pity, because I should be working… :wink:


Where do you sign up? I cannot find it

@Juan_Luis_Chulilla : It’s in the Block Party Companion Doc @Andrew_Stinger shared : A gift to you: Early access · Block Party 2021 :blush:

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As a couple others in this thread have mentioned, I see no way to watch the replay. I’m signed into Hopin, but there are no links allowing me to see the recorded sessions.

Thanks in advance for any guidance you can provide!

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@Justin_Cone : I just tried by going back on the Event :blush:

… There’s a button on the Event’s page that should take you directly to the available replays :blush:

Hope this helps :blush:

The link @Andrew_Stinger already shared works too :blush: :point_right:

In the original form that Andrew sent in this topic


Hi everyone! I understand the Hopin replay function has not been working for some people.

Because Hopin is configured for paid as well as unpaid events, the default (that we cannot change) is that registration for the event is required to view Replay content. And, because our event is over, registration is also closed. In other words, if you hadn’t registered for Block Party, the replay section will be unavailable.

Never fear! We’re putting the finishing touches on each of our sessions in post-production, and should have them uploaded to our YouTube channel early next week.

In the meantime, as has previously been shared, you can apply to test our upcoming features in our event doc ( A gift to you: Early access · Block Party 2021).

Have a great weekend!


ive been travelling, so i missed the block party and have only just seen the replay videos.

well done CODA indeed!

you have addressed the two biggest things that i and my clients were lacking… and all in one go.

the ability to have multiple columns, nested pages and pages as rows allows us to build dashboards and ux widgets where everything we need is at-a-glance. (no more talk about notion and its ways)

but the biggest advance of all is allowing makers to make packs with javascript. advanced makers can build useful tools for less advanced makers to use.

we can now extend the abilities of formulas and buttons and columns to meet the specific needs of each industry.

and it also provides a way to evolve the product faster… makers can prototype new features as packs and if they become popular, coda can incorporate them into the core of the product.

and the ability to have an open marketplace for such packs changes the landscape significantly. advanced makers can be rewarded for their innovations. and so the amount of innovation will increase significantly.

i am so pleased with this announcement. my investment in coda skills and commitment to the platform now seems to be well justified. and i can see my dependence on other tools reducing significantly.

while i would indeed LOVE to be a beta tester for these features, my most urgent request is for access to the DOCUMENTATION as early as possible so we can begin planning on incorporating these features into future client projects. the magic is in the DETAILS. so we need to see those details a.s.a.p

well done all at CODA
well done indeed!



Unfortunately I am still struggling with the replay, but I did now get to the bit about the packs, and that is also extremely useful. I already have a list of formulas that I would like to put in a pack, extending the formula language is going to take things to a next level.

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