Thank you for joining us at Block Party (plus, some info in case you missed us live)

I am another of those that was caught in a whirlpool while trying to watch the replay. I tried in both Safari and Chrome, with and without ad-blockers, registered and not-registered, and never got the “replay” button. Then I scrolled all the way down this thread and found the Catch-22: you have to have already been registered. I await the posting of the video recordings on YouTube (or Coda’s site).

It would be helpful to others, I think, to have a warning posted in the announcement that you have to been registered for the event in order to watch the reply on Hopin.

We’ll update the notification - thank you Kirby!

And it sounds like we’ll have cleaned-up our download of the livestream and posted all the content from our stages by end of week. Thank you for your patience, squad!


Hi Andrew -

I tried to access the recordings, but all I get is “The event is over”. I can’t seem to find the recordings on Hopin. Maybe I don’t have access? Can you help?


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You will only be able to access the recordings if you had signed up before the event.

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Hi @Eric_Hewitt - @Piet_Strydom is correct. If you hadn’t registered for the event, Hopin won’t allow you to access the reply content.

We hope to have content on our YouTube channel by end of week, though!

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Thanks! The recordings are now on YouTube (at least some, in particular the one I’ve been checking for all week.

Confirmed! Our Block Party playlist is now live.


This is the answer I was looking for. Thank you!

Quick question for joining the editor beta: the signup form mentions that “Once selected for this beta, all your new docs will have the new Editor”, does this include docs that were created as duplicates of existing docs?

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