Very limited text images or tables

I am finding it frustrating that it is not possible to tile text with images or a table with images.

I have discovered Coda a few days ago and I am finding it fantastic from many points of view even if I have to acquire the logic.

I made a brief comparison with Notion

Notion’s arrangement is not satisfactory but is still useful in some cases, especially if it is to be used to describe an image or a detail of a table.

Do you have any solutions on this?

This is the result using CODA

Hi @Tonyxz :grin: ! And Welcome to the Community :partying_face: !

The feature you’re looking for here (i.e.: Notion-like display, putting image next to text or table, etc…) is coming to life :wink: ! (as announced during the last Block Party … you can rewatch the segment concerning the new editor and its features here :blush: )

You might need to wait a little (as it’s still a beta) but it’s coming :grin: !


Thanks for the reply, I will watch the video with interest