Any way to have an image like icon pages in Notion?

Hi, new to Coda I’m moving all my pages from Notion to Coda but i’m a little bit surprised because I don’t see any way to use images I created to put in the Page Icon of Notion pages…

Any way?


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Hi @Anthony_Fernandez_Ferrandiz and Welcome to the Community :partying_face: !

This is sadly not feasible at the moment :pensive: … But you might want to add your vote to these Suggestions/Feature Requests :blush: :


Hi, I’m not speaking about adding icons only.
In my mind we should be allowed to put blocks everywhere we need it.
I’m speaking of adding any kind of image to personalize pages…
This particular type of image is just in any pages of social networks …
Not even understand why there isn’t one un Coda…

That, you kind of can :blush:
You can drag n’ drop an image from your computer on the canvas and it will be added to your page where you’ll be able to resize it …
You can also store your images in a table and insert them in a canvas formula… (list non-exhaustive of things one can do with images).

For more personalisations though, maybe the Edit Images Pack (which is free) could help you :blush:

I’m creating a workspace where anyone should be able to easily upload his/her picture and it should be displayed like in Facebook or others social network
Until now what I saw in Coda is that we are not allowed to put anything above the title of the page.
It’s what I was speaking about…

Thanks for your message, I will go to see this Edit Images Pack…
Don’t know if there is a way to create templates with things above the title of the page…


Hey there! Thanks for sharing your vote for this feature with us- I’m happy to share Coda now supports custom icon uploads that can be used in docs across your workspace! Learn more here

Hi, this is interesting and yes, it’s a very good news but what I was asking for is the image we can put in Notions pages like the photo we put in Facebook or other plateform.
See the round logo in my Notion page :slight_smile:

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