Upload custom icons for sections

There hasn’t been a recent post about this but I’d really like to be able to upload custom icons for Docs and sections. The included ones are great, but in switching from notion it was really helpful (and clean) for quickly identifying pages to give them their own icons.


Yep - the built-in icons are far and away more flexible and useful than many competitors, but ultimately, the ability to add one’s own is the best option.

I truly Upvote this, Coda needs to get on this train with Custom Icons to Truly represent brands with Great Feel and with more customized icon that feel not Generic. It’s a must to Make Coda a Household platform like Notion does on the Feel and Emotions


This is certainly an “edge” nice-to-have, but I would be really happy if this was added! I have some internal docs for GraphQL that I’d like to use the GraphQL icon for.

Not super important, but it’d be nice to have :slight_smile:

I too am switching from Notion, and this was definitely something they got right. However, the rest of the experience is better here on Coda.

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+1 to this idea! In addition to custom images, the ability to select teammates’ profile pictures as well!

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I’m considering switching, too. What’s the main thing that drew you over to Coda?

I’d like to upload custom images.