Upload our own icons

we would like to add our own icons to represent certain documents as our flavicons have specific meanings that are not captured in the coda icons. thanks!


Thanks for the suggestion @dion - I have let the product team know about this.

I Highly Upvote This !

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Yes please do this! That would be so great.

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I know its not the same as uploading, but @Paul_Danyliuk has a great workaround to expand what is possible: Icons for Teachers in Coda Education

Do this! Please! We need it!


Boosting this, we would love this simple feature.

I’m switching from Notion to Coda and I’m really missing this simple function!
Please do it!

+1 Upload custom icons for sections - Suggestion Box - The Coda Community There’s another thread as well

Yes, yes, yes, yes :wink: