Launched: Custom icons

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The docs you make in Coda have always been personal to you and your team. But now, they can look truly personal with custom icons — available to all paid-tier workspaces.

You and your team can display your unique identity and bring your existing shared visual language into Coda with custom icons that can be used across your workspace in doc titles, page titles, callouts, reactions, and more. Upload your logo or other brand marks to make your docs feel like home. Working with customers or external partners? Upload their logo in your shared docs to add a personal touch. Even your websites published through Coda custom domains can now be even more uniquely yours, with a custom favicon.

Makers can upload new icons and all members of a workspace can use the icons that have been added to their workspace in addition to Coda’s default set of icons. We support PNGs, JPEGs, and animated GIFs as icon uploads — try it out now!


THAT’S SO COOL! :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

I’ve been waiting for this from day oneeee :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This is awesome!

I’m not sure if this update introduced a bug, but suddenly when I got this update, I am no longer able to turn my relational columns in detailed view, into a table, card or any other view. I have lost the little table toggle switch that is normally there.

I have tested to see if the table switch still exists on my existing relational column in detail views, but those are gone as well…

Allow multiple selections is checked and the pages are unlocked.


Just tried it with my logo for one of my business docs. Worked like a charm! Good work! :sunglasses:


Really like this update!

Two questions (maybe for the community):

  • What is the icon pack that coda uses natively?
  • Where can we find icon packs like the ones demoed in the gif above?

Also the icon library is siiiicckkkkkkkkk!


Hell yeah! Keep it up.

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No way :raised_hands: !!! … This is fantastic :raised_hands: !!!
Thank you so so so very much Dear Codans :partying_face: !

The native icons comes from :blush: !
(but not all the icons on the site are accessible within Coda)


Yes :fire: !!! Thank you Coda!!!

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Super cool!

Played with it, have some feedback.

Cons: SVGs (nice scalable graphics) don’t work.
Pros: GIFs work!


Ooh, I love this feature so far; thank you so much! Is there any way we can expand the functionality to include buttons? Obviously buttons use black-and-white icons only, but that would still be a huge boon!


YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS!!! Competitor(s) nail in coffin!

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Amazing, congrats on getting this out!


Glad you like it! For your second question, this is one site we find custom emojis for Coda and Slack:


Interesting yet kinda still limiting which compared to other competitor whos such this feature is available for even free plans. #paywall

Thank you!

I didn’t know I needed gifs like the following in my life until visiting this site:


That’s so exciting! :tada:


… And this is more important than getting basic text editing working in the mobile app?

Thank you very much !

Now we are a few ones waiting for the possibility to put an image attached to pages like in Notion or so many other plateform.
…and I noticed that images in webp are not supported …
Any reason?

Anyway thanks for this new personal icon feature…


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