Your favorite launch of 2023?

Hey everyone! We’re coming to the end of a big year at Coda with Coda 4.0, Coda AI, and over 100 other improvements launched, so I sat down with several Codans and asked what their favorite launches of 2023 were. Here are a few of their answers:

But now I want to know: what were your favorite launches of 2023?

Have a safe and restful holiday break, makers—we have even more impactful launches in store for 2024!

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Full width pages, 100%. I don’t think I could ever go back ha


Totally! Been adding full-width dashboards to every doc since then :joy:

What I have made most use of is the linked relations. I also use the the full width pages, but linked relations has had a much bigger impact as far as functionality goes.

In addition to the (ahem), full width pages, for me it’s been the:
Compose column,
Linked relations,
Two-way sync
…And def the custom icons

Still looking for my Text columns to remain text columns when I paste filenames, or at times numbers into them!

Thanks for a great (first) year of Coda updates for me!

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