Custom icons for Coda Buttons

Hello lovely, innovative and great Coda team!

I wonder if there are any indications of having a “custom icon/s” for Coda buttons because that’s not the case at the moment.

The only custom icons we can select now are different types of icons but not for buttons!

Thanks and Cheers!

Hello @Bojan_Pavlovic ,

With a little effort you can use custom icons. Make some icons, for example at the page title level, right click in this custom icon and copy the url. This way, you have an icon url that ‘lives’ on the coda server.

Use this icon url in the button label. It is not really great with text, but if you just use the icon, it works quite well:
The button label looks something like this:

concat(Image("",48,48),_bold(" custom icon"))

concat(Image("",48,48,"custom icon",style:"circle",outline: true()))