Expanding "Add Icon" feature

the Ask : Complete the already implemented “add icon” feature, allow adding icons also to :

  • rows : especially since there’s already an option to add a cover image to a row in detail view, like you do for pages).
  • columns : they already get colum type + display column icons. Just show them on hover and allow me to add my icons.
  • table (header) : For now I add a text header and hide table’s name to style it up a bit - this seems redundant.
  • H1, H2, H3 text : technically i’m asking to add icons to blocks other than callouts.

AFAIK rows in coda are basically treated like pages anyways, right?

Why :
In the sea of text & rows, visuals do help with distinguishing data, both in related tables and in the link to pages/sections.

For Context :
Notion’s adding icons to everything functionality was so helpful. In Jira you could add default icons to issue types, for example. In coda you can emojis everywhere, but that’s note the same, it’s basically more text.

You can’t edit coda’s icons colors like in notion. You can only upload custom icons if you’re on pro plan, and Notion allows it for free.

You can’t use icon packs without a formula (icon8 pack, for instance) or just by pasting/embedding a link to online libraries.