Set multiple select value

I’m having trouble setting multiple select value using a button.

I have a table with people in it:

Name           Active
Alice          Yes
Bob            Yes
Charles        No
Dave           No
Ethan          Yes

I have a multiple select control on the canvas, which is linked to the table.
There is a button also that should set the multiple select value to the active persons:

SetControValue(multipleSelectControl, people.Filter(Active = true))

It’s not working. When button is pressed, the multipleSelectControl value is set to “True”.

Is it a multi select control, or a relation control?

They are different in coda. Relation controls are used to directly reference row values from tables (which your filter is outputting) while select and multi select controls are normally used to reference text values.

Can you share the doc?

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Sure. Here it is:

Scott, I just realized it’s working now. I guess you fixed it (I didn’t get any notification, but I’m positive it was you). I just reviewed the change you made and what you meant. I don’t understand how I didn’t know about this.
Thanks a lot.

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