Shh... don't tell but check out Coda on your phone πŸ“±

Yep - and we can say similar things like this about Airtable.

Not that I want to compete for the most insane workaround, but this one from Airtable which is common because they do not support a Split() function should be in the hall-of-fame.

I puke a little in my mouth when I am reminded that this is one of the most popular posts in their community. To this day - almost a decade later - there is no Split() in Airtable.

Count your Coda blessings. :wink:


2 finger zoom on images is so basic and absolutely needed. The current single level is ok, but actually not very suitable for practice. In most cases, when you zoom into an image, you want to see a self-determined section/crop and not forcibly one with 100% zoom.