Shoud not add row in the table if my conditions are not met

Hi All,

I am trying to add a row in the table through a form in the button. I want to validate before adding a row based on some conditions. But the current scenario is the row is getting added before I input any data in the form. My expectation is to not adding the row if the conditions are false. Please help me on this. I am waiting for your suggestions. Thanks in Advance.


Hi Elam.

Could you share more about what you are currently doing?

Is the button on the page, or in a table? What does the button do? How have you entered the validations?


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Hi @Piet_Strydom ,

A button on a page. When I click the button, First it adds the row and then it opens the editor to update the fields. I dont want that. Through some validations, I should block creating the row for some conditions. Hope it is clear.


Are you using a single or push button? I think you need to use push button instead. Have it set up so that the first button pushed is your validation criteria and when met it will push the second button to create a row.

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Could you share an example of the validation you want to execute?

Hi Elam,

The below is a runactions() formula that I use on a button. You could always do your validations as one of the runactions, and if the validation fails, you can then use the DeleteRows() to delete it.

Or you can do anything you want in the runactions().

Rambling Pete

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