Show Last Modified, Created On and similar dates in the users timezone


I notice that all dates and times in metadata about docs, rows etc are in what seems like the PST.
That means that I see my docs as Last Modified at 1:22 PM today rather than 22:22, which is my local time.

It would be great if Coda automatically knows which time zone I’m in, or if that is not possible, if we could get the option to set a timezone ourselves in a setting.


Oh hello @Calle_Stalhem :wink:

I agree that Coda should detect the time zone.

Meanwhile, I’ve done the following:

First, compare your offset compared to PST (PST = UTC-8, check this list of UTC offsets).

Create a named formula on the canvas by typing “=” and entering “Hours(9)”, or whatever the UTC offset is. Name the formula something like offsetFromPST by clicking the down arrow in the formula window.


Do the same with:

offsetFromDaylightSavings = Hours(0)

totalTimeZoneOffset = Sum(offsetFromPST,offsetFromDaylightSavings)

nowLocal = Now()+totalTimeZoneOffset

nowLocal, which you can use anywhere, just like Now(), should correpsond to the time on your computer. If not, it’s either the UTC adjustment that is off or you’re in one of the periods when daylight savings isn’t matching in the zones. If so use the offsetFromDaylightSavings for that adjustment. I have a super complicated soulution that calulates the daylight savings offset automatically, but it only works for Sweden, so I won’t share it here :slight_smile:

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Thanks @William_Larsten, that is a nice workaround if you have lots of dates and times in a doc.

However, this does not address the fact that the Last Modified timestamp on the Docs overview screen is in PST :slight_smile:

Here’s a screenshot:


Yeah, last modified on the docs overiview screen will be hard to hack around… :slight_smile:


I think there should be user preference for timezone and date/time, currency and number formats

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Indeed. This is a rude awakening to look at “Today’s” items, and find nothing in there at 8am. At 8:44am. And then at 9:00 they magically move. (I am clearly +9 from PDT.)

Does Coda team have a take on this? The workaround may work, but has a strong smell.


In addition not having local times is causing me confusion in calendar view. It changes saved times to computer local to show in calendar view.
eg I save a time as 20:00. (UTC + 1) as I want it to be seen in all my documents but it will be shown as 04:00 in the calendar! Need yet another new column for as work around for Calendar Date!!! (Though Calendar view is cool!!)