Show rowID as 001, 002 etc

I’m using Row to create a Unique ID combined with a letter. Unfortunately if you try to sort then it sorts by the first digit, eg A1, A10, A100, A2, A20, A200.

How do I make the formula so that the row ID will always show 3 figures, eg A001, A002, A010, A020, A100, A200?

Current formula is:

Concatenate(thisRow.[Question section],RowId(thisRow))

Hi @Jonathan_Richardson,

try this:
Format("{1}{2:000}",thisRow.[Question section], RowId(thisRow))

Amazing, thank you. I must say that having everything linked in Lookup tables has been making my latest project go a lot smoother than how I used to manage things. I can FormulaMap a User ID table with Questions table into a third table and then just use related columns to manage the rest.

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LeftPad() also works for thisSSM _ Monica SuperTracker 2020 - Google Chrome 2020-11-30 at 11.59.25 AM1