Simple addiction and subtraction between two table

Hi, there. I’m pretty new but I also think I’m getting lost in a glass of water.

So I have this Inventory table:

The number of sold items is sum up below the Units column. Same for the Revenue column.

The total number of items is 999 (you can see under Stock).

How can I display the number of Units left in the above table named “Total”?

Same issue for the Revenue.

I hope I was able to explain despite my english :sweat_smile:

Dear @redazione_cassero,

It’s really recommended to share a dummy copy of your doc, to be able to support you in a proper way.
Here you can find how to share the doc. :upside_down_face:

Thanks @Jean_Pierre_Traets
If I’ve done right, here is an editable copy of my doc: Coso di Carta


I tried an approach to solve on your document, but not sure it is the right formula :frowning:



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I don’t know either, but it works :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you, @Thierryvm; I think now I understand how to recall data from another table (but it’s still obscure why you put () to have the sum. Anyway, it works!)



When you use sum(), it asks for values but can remain empty as I showed you. Coda | Formula library



Dear @redazione_cassero

First of all, thanks sharing a copy of your sample project :building_construction:
I copied you page and added the solution + some explanation how to make the calculation here

As you will see it now calculates only the sold units, because of the applied filter.
See the color coding in the screen shots to see from where the info is take/filtered out.


all formula function names have () after them.
its how coda knows you are referring to a function and not a table or a column.

it is also where extra parameters are listed if there are any, but in most cases there are none, so you just have the ‘empty brackets’

so, for example, Sum(1,2,3,4) gives 10 as a result.



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