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Brand new to Coda formulas and coming from Excel (which may be my issue).

Let’s say I have the following two column table. First column is an activity and the second column is the associated speed.

What I would like to do is create a nicely summarized table that (minimally) counts the total activities for each speed.

So, 50 would be a count of 3; 60 would be 2 and so on.

I can figure out how to do this just in the text area, but I cannot figure out how to create a table where it is nicely formatted (and upon which I can do some automations).

I figure it’s something basic, but any help is appreciated.

I cannot quite picture the table you want, so this may or may not be helpful.

You could have a table of speeds. One column would be the speed, another column would be a formula field with something like

[Speed Table].filter(CurrentValue.Speed = thisRow.Speed).Count()

You would have to manually create the rows in the speed table.

Setting up the automation may also be a bit tricky, as you currently cannot trigger an automation off of a calculated value.

Thank you for your reply.

That seems to work, but for only one “value.”

If I have a table that I would to populate, such as

Speed Count

If I put this formula to count 50, it populates the entire column with that 50 count.

[Speed Table].Filter(Speed.Contains(50)).Count()

I am unable to change the individual formula because it’s labeled as a “column” formula.

Your formula is different from my formula. I suggested having a {Speed} column in the new table, and then use thisRow.Speed in the formula. You would have to enter a new row for each speed.

You are 100% correct! That worked beautifully. THANK YOU.

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