Single doc filtered by user OR unique doc for each user?

I’m trying to build a “manager’s portal” (so to speak) where each of our 30 different locations managers can come and see information specific to their location (including stats/analytics from other platforms, revenue numbers, make orders for certain materials and track requests, etc).

I just realized I can’t share per page, has to be the whole doc, lol. So now my plan is to make new docs based on access level (managers will be separate of VP’s, which will be separate from the President, etc).

But now I’m wondering if I need to make a single doc per location or if I can have a “managers doc” that somehow automatically only shows information tied to the specific manager who is on the doc (tied to user? this user is the “location 1” user, this other user is the “location 2” user,…)

This all has to do with how confusing cross doc is lol. I’d have a lot less cross docs (and consequently, less cross-doc issues) if I can just have a single Managers’ Doc instead of a unique doc per location.

Any help or advise is much appreciated!

I get the sense that this might be simpler if you create a sync page for each class of user or perhaps each specific user.

I believe sync pages can live a lonely and isolated life outside the document they are created in and managed with data updates, etc.

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