So what do folks here think of Microsoft's Fluid Framework

So interesting to read about Fluid today.
Worth checking out some of the usual tech blog sites to hear different reactions.
(And the occasional reference to notion… though not seen a direct ref to coda)

But they’re definitely making a (different) play in the same field as Coda.

But they’re doing it from the data-scalability / realtime updating system frame first.

It almost feels a little like WAVE but far better thought out. Its definitely going to be intriguing.

Would love to hear folks thoughts here - the perspectives of coda users!

the concept mean is more and more flexible. anywhere(pc, mac, mobile, tablet,AR/MR), anything(doc, table, chart, code, project, tracker, etc )

Fluid is an exciting and compelling technology in progress.

With the Fluid Framework set to be open sourced soon it will provide a rich and growing resource for new offerings from other players that stand alone and/or leverage Microsoft technologies and many others.

I believe MS will complete refactoring their office apps to support component documents where instant collaborative modifications are an intrinsic feature that can be boosted by bots, AI and more.

A new OneNote, Teams, Docs, Power Apps, etc will support all the components you would expect, supercharged with things like the Excel Calc Engine and much more.