SOLVED Why is coda not an PWA?



thank for the beta invite and I really like your app, the UI is very intuitive and the in my view this app way more flexible than an usual Excel and more powerful than using Google Sheets.

I would like to know why coda isn’t designed as PWA using Javascript Service Workers?

I really like the idea behind the app and I personally think this could even rival not only Excel but also stuff like FileMaker for small and medium companies but being bound to Chrome / Chromium is a little bit odd since I prefer Firefox.




SOLVED Thanks for the nice mail by Irvin!


@Norbert_Fuhs would you be able to share the email, or its main parts?


Hi @ManueleJSarfatti , had considered PWA and service workers in the past but to implement it they would need to rewrite their app and they have other priorities right now. That’s all I know to get more details you need to ask the team directly.

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