Beta Testers Requested: Coda is seeking feedback on new doc for remote workers!

Hey there! My name is Anan and I’m an Associate Solutions Architect here at Coda. We’re building a new doc that allows remote workers to keep track of their job applications, favorite their job applications, and keep track of their interview process with We Work Remotely using Coda.

Here at Coda, we’re coming close on new launch: Coda 3.0! For more details on the 3.0 launch, you can visit this video.

This doc will be featuring some of Coda 3.0’s new features and we’d love to have some people from our loving community to test these features. If you are willing to sign up and get a sneak peak to see what we’re cooking feel free to contact me at or reply in this thread!


Would love to check it out :slight_smile:

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