Is Coda doing alright?

Not trying to start a rumor here. I don’t know one way or another…

Haven’t seen much activity from Coda on the new feature front for some time…

With all the chaos in the tech world I wonder how they’re doing and how much more time I should invest in using Coda…?

Several other startups whose product I use have had their CEOs send re-assuring messages to all users… we don’t seem to hear much from Coda leadership.

Codas doing amazing. New features coming real soon too in addition to the other new features they have already launched like the filter bar!


hi @Jan_Bouten

This Friday there is an online gathering where you can ask your questions.

Cheers, Christiaan

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Looks very active based on this:

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Thank you Piet - I was about to link the same news, which is a project I had the privilege of working on myself! @Jan_Bouten Coda is doing great and we have some exciting things planned for the coming months. I definitely recommend attending the gathering on Friday to hear from Shishir directly!


Definitely! Please do join our chat next week - will reflect on last year and discuss a bit of what’s in store for 2023. And of course, would love to hear your wishlist!

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Hi @Jan_Bouten – our Twitter also shares feature updates, if you’d like to follow along there!

We released a lot of new features last month, and are excited for what’s ahead in 2023. We’re looking forward to sharing more details soon!

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For those who can’t join will there be a recording to watch later? :slight_smile:

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One thing I’ve observed over the last 2-3 years is that the number of daily posts here on the forum have steadily increased.


I’m hoping you guys improve the Mobile experience for tablets!
I have a HUGE (I did say HUGE right??) Galaxy Tab Ultra 2022 and trying to hold that thing vertically is enough to snap your wrist bone!

With a tablet that size, or even my 10" iPad Pro, it would be nice to be able to use Coda on them just for some wide-screen data entry etc.

I always have to resort to using my Surface Pro if I want to be away from my main computer when building Docs or entering content.

Minus a few quirks I’m here today to lookup solutions for, or post about, this is my ONLY dislike about Coda as a new user - I can’t use my mobile tablets at all since they’re forced to being in portrait mode.


If you start coda in a full-screen browser, you can use portrait or landscape mode.

Thanks, I just gave this a try - in the browser, YES finally I was able to work it horizontally, but as soon as I clicked a link to another page, the Coda mobile app opened; I had to remove the app for now.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I also saw mention of a “Coda desktop app” - apparently using WebCatalog - I’m trying that out now, as well. :+1:t2:

I should have mentioned to remove the app. I have done that a long time ago for the same reason.

I’ve started using WebCatalog for the past few weeks for Coda-- it’s a game changer! Having the Coda ‘app’ with my everyday docs pinned on the side + ChatGPT, Easy Diffusion, The Gallery, Coda’s Icon List, Formula List, and Emoji list
has drastically improved my workflow because I can full screen, and not get distracted. I have noticed the performance is slightly lower in WebCatalog vs Chrome, but it’s not too noticeable if your doc is optimized.

I think the purchase is well worth it just for Coda alone!

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If Coda had a tablet app that could transcribe hand writing, that would be a pretty cool USP and a less buzzy implementation of AI tech.

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