Sort a group by row count?

Is it possible to sort a group by row count? For example, I have members grouped by countries, and I’d like to display those countries with most members first.

Hi @Christine_P and welcome to the Coda-Community!

Is it possible to share your doc so we can take a deeper look into what you want to accomplish?


Hi Christine !

Maybe it’s not the best practice but I see a quite simple way :

  1. In your table A, make your column country a list type
  2. Then in the settings of the list transform it into a table (table B).
  3. In this new table B “Countries” add a column that counts the corresponding rows of table A.
  4. Then you can add a related column in your first table A with the counting column
  5. Sort table A by this new column and hide it.

Tell me if this helps ! :slight_smile:

Hi Janis. I’m sorry but I can’t share because of PII.

Merci, Aurelie! I will test out your instructions.

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