How to sort table on mobile

When I add filters using the web browser, I can use them on mobile too. However, I couldn’t figure out a way to sort my table on mobile. By the way, I am using Android.

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Hi @Baran_Gulmez and welcome to the Coda Community!

Short answer: You can’t.

Unfortunately, there are many features you have in the browser version but not in the app. You can add this request to the Suggestion Box if you want.


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Hello @Baran_Gulmez ,
Actually, there is a way to do that. @Paul_Danyliuk has shown us how this can be, to a certain level, accomplished. I have used his method, but in the end, I have abandoned this hack and accepted the fact that this is not really a feature of Coda. But if you really need it, it works:


Thanks a lot. I also found out that I can do without sorting.

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