Embedded Link to display info to general public

Hey Coda friends

When using the embedded share functionality,

1- Is there a way to display only the filter and sort options without any of the other components ? see the pic below.

2- Is there a way to see the filter and sort functionalities when viewing the same cards on a mobile device ?

Thank you for your insight.

Thank you

Hi @Bruno_Levine,

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A good way make filters more accessible is to use our “Interactive Filters”. These add a canvas control that can be used to change the filter in the table.

Here’s a help article on adding these types of controls:

And here’s a screenshot:

Sorting can also be done, but it requires a little more work with the controls and the table formula used.

Hi and welcome!

And here’s how to do sorting / grouping with in-page controls, if you’re interested:

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