Sort checklist by unchecked and then checked?

Checklists are wonderful, but it seems to me that would be even better if items went to the bottom of the list when you checked them so that all you saw at the top of the list was stuff that still needed to be done. Is there a way (formula maybe?) to do that?

Many thanks!

Yep! You can sort based on the checkbox column - use the dropdown when hovering on the column header. Does that work for you?

Edit: just to be clear, is you list in a table? It needs to be

Ahhh. So you can’t sort if the checklist is in a cell? That’s too bad, but ok. Thanks for helping!

You can but you have to write some black magic code for it.

Here’s the thread (this and some further messages) that could give you some ideas how to detect each item’s status (checked/unchecked) by peeking into its state. You could make a button that would deconstruct and then reconstruct the checklist and insert it back into the cell.

Caution: The ranges object is being deprecated, it seems. The new editor will introduce a new way of how rich text is stored in cells, the slate object. All previous hacks based on rich text will probably stop working.

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