Special Access to bypass API limiting rate?

Hi Coda,

Would there be special access for developers to bypass API rate limitation?

Can you talk more about why you’d want to do this? Is the current rate limit an issue for your application?

@Eric_Koleda , the API doc just stated

Rate Limiting

The Coda API sets a reasonable limit on the number of requests that can be made per minute. Once this limit is reached, calls to the API will start returning errors with an HTTP status code of 429.

We want to build custom front end (client portal) using Coda as DB. And I just want to know whether it’s feasible and viable to build and scale such projects.


The short answer is no, we wouldn’t recommend using Coda as a database for a front-end application. Coda is optimized for human usage, and while we do provide an API it’s not going to give you the performance or consistency you’d expect from a tradition database (MySQL, MongoDB, etc). The API is a better fit for small applications or utilities that extend the functionality or reach of Coda. If you are building an app from scratch you should probably look at more traditional database alternatives.

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Ok! Understood! Thanks