Specify layout in formulas with OpenRow function parameter

Currently, there is no way to specify what layout to open for a table row with formulas. Creating a parameter within the OpenRow function to open the row in a specified layout would be powerful.

Example Case:
You have a database of contacts. One button in the row opens a layout with general information about the contact. A second button opens a different layout that contains records of conversations you have had with this person.

Hi Alexander,

That functionality already exists in the openRow() formula.


The abive screenshots are from the Meetings page and Appointments pages in this doc:



That functionality indeed does NOT exist, we can open a view, not a layout.

Would be cool to finally see this being possible :slight_smile: (it’s been asked for on this forum for like 3 years)
You can achieve this functionality by creating proxy tables (actually views) as @Piet_Strydom mentioned, but it is an awful workflow full of redundancies and I wish it got streamlined somehow.