Stack Ranking: How to force the choices

I’m currently stack ranking skillsets to determine in an interview process - which areas we should value more than others.

Is there a way to make it so that people can only choose a certain number and can’t repeat that number? Example:
5 Traits
Ability to work under pressure
Tax Law

Rank them

  1. Fintec
  2. Engineering
  3. Tax Law
  4. Ability to…
  5. Leadership

In the above example could I make it so that people could only select each number once so that they have to order them correctly?

If someone has a brilliant solution overall i’d be interested.

Thank you.

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Hi @Curtis_Smith,

I am replying from my mobile device, therefore I am not able to play around.
Just to give a direction, use the unique formula.
Check out posts where this formula is used bin the drop-down menu.

Success :handshake:

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I sort of found a solution but it erases itself when I switch the number rankings:

Not sure if this is what you’re looking for, but this solution makes it so “click and drag” works for ordering. If you need to store this per candidate though, you’ll want a button that that copies the values over to that persons table as it will change each time you use it.

First, remove the Sort you have enabled, then change the Rank column to a number format and add the following formula:



Thank you! @BenLee …very helpful