Creating a way for a team to rank a set of options


I’m trying to have everyone on my team stack rank a set of options before we meet. What is the best way to do this? I don’t want people to see what others have ranked before they rank. If I could have the ability to add additional options, that would be awesome.

Thank you! Roseanne

Dear @Roseanne_Wincek welcome in the Coda community :handshake:

I recommend to check out the “Voting Template” that you can find in the in-doc templates under the “Explore” link at the top right of your page.

This should be a great foundation to start from.
In case you need more support, feel free to let us know.

Thank you for the fast response! Super helpful.

What I am trying to figure out is how to let people vote without seeing everyone else’s answers. Is that a settings issue?

Dear @Roseanne_Wincek

I recommend to checkout this template and in general the template section is a big resource to find use cases that might (with some corrections) applicable to your environment.

Credits: @jerols

Additional I recommend the short videos from @maria, like this sentiment tracker:

Hi @Roseanne_Wincek,

You can achieve this by adding a column User containing the active user, and then filtering by it.

A pretty similar example could be this one:


Feel free to ask if something is not completely clear.

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for all of the help and answers. I think where I am getting stuck is that I want to have a fix set of rows - I.e. the attributes being stack ranked, and I want each person to rate each row 1-5 without seeing the other’s answers. Most of these are about allowing answerers to add rows, which I don’t want to do.

Thanks, Roseanne

Hi @Roseanne_Wincek, I have a template here with another pattern that you may be able to adapt:

The key step is “3. Stack rank”, where each person adds a row for each item to include in their rank and orders the rows to reflect their desired ranking.