Ratings Template — Can we actually let users "rate" something?

While I understand that Coda is a project management tool and not a form for response collection, is there any way to actually let both Coda users and non-users submit votes, rate something from 1-5, or submit general feedback via comments?

I see lots of templates that let you collect votes and ratings but I’m unsure how to collect or measure user responses individually using the Scale field or Buttons.

I know a lot of you might suggest adding separate rows for each eligible voter, but I don’t want to require everyone to become a Coda user in order to vote. Given that we can share by link, here must be a way to let non-users submit votes?


Currently its not possible for users to EDIT document without signing in - that limits the possibility of non-users adding/modifying/changing data.

We are fully aware of the ask of “anonymous” editing of the document and it is in backlog - but we dont timeline as of yet.

Thank you.

@Krunal_Sheth If I posted a “vote” or “ratings” table to Slack, would they be able to theoretically vote from Slack without a Coda account?

not in a straightforward way - you can setup a zapier to connect slack with coda and then they wouldnt need to be coda users

https://zapier.com/apps/slack/integrations/coda can help