Likert Scale in Coda


I’m trying to create Likert scale. To do this I need to assign a numerical value to the labels in the dropdown menu. Any idea how?


How about this? For bonus points I made the scale under the question table update dynamically as you change the scale in the “Scale Points” section. :slight_smile:

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Awesome, thanks a lot! By the way, I’m wondering if Coda can be used to do a questionnaire survey…?


I’m pretty sure you could use Coda to do pretty much anything, but bear in mind that it has some weaknesses as well - when you share the document for people to use you can’t lock down the structure/logic, so as well as answering questions they can also delete entire tables or change formulas. Hopefully this will be improved soon.


True, the Unrestricted editing of the shared file disqualifies Coda to do all kinds of research. Secondly, I can’t imagine how the data of subjects would be collected if I made the link to the questionnaire publicly available…


You’d probably want to give access to named Google accounts so you can record who did what and when, and Coda will handle the saving of all the data so that’s not a problem. But not being able to prevent people from manipulating the “code” is a general problem right now.


I don’t really understand your solution… Do you mean that I would have to share the document by typing the respondent’s gmail address? If so, what then? I have a document edited by many people, and the data of one person overlap with the other.
I guess I don’t understand something. I would be grateful if you could describe this solution more precisely, because it seems interesting to me.


Take a look at this for more info:


I will. thank you very much for your help.

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Hi @Nick_Milner,
Would you be so kind and take a look at my questionnaire table one more time. I have two questions:

  1. How to sum up points for a given factor?
  2. How to reversed points for one particular question, for example 4. (strongly disagree 5 instead of 1 and strongly agree 1 instead of 5).

Like this. I’ve replaced the table of choices with a simple list in a named formula (see Section 3). Then I added a hidden column in the Questionnaire table that lets you choose “Up” or “Down” for a particular question. Next I changed the Score formula to calculate a score based on the Up/Down flag and the position of the answer in the list. Finally I changed the formula in the Factors table to sum up the results.

edit - and I added Median and Modal results as well (and a chart).

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Your solution is super cool and so unintuitive for me. I’m trying to understand what you’ve done and I can’t (I have in mind recoding points.). Unfortunately, I still have a lot of learning ahead of me and I hope that I will persevere in it because Coda is great! Thank you for your patience in answering my questions.

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No problem. BTW, I made one last change - I altered the scoring algorithm to use the count of elements in the list rather than hard coding it to 5. Now it will calculate the correct score if you add more elements to the list. Schoolboy error. :wink:

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I would solve it slightly differently, with two tables and the use of a lookup. There’s a primary Likert scale table where the different options, “Strongly disagree”, “Disagree”, etc. are listed, along with their point value.

Then there’s a questionnaire table that you would ask a user to use, where they can select their reply to a question. This references the other table in order to get the value. I also created two versions of this table, depending on how you want to display it to the user.

Generally though, I don’t think Coda in it’s current functionality is optimized for collecting survey responses. There are two many things for respondents to mess up unfortunately…

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