How to collect users ratings?

I create a vote system with the help of star/scale feature for our next virtual design sprint exercise. Here we want our team members ratings for each features. So the question is - Is it possible to collect my team members ratings with the help star/scale feature? And If it is possible, how can I get the overall ratings?

I am aware with the formula. But I don’t how to implement it in coda.

5 star - 12
4 star - 23
3 star - 3
2 star - 0
1 star - 2

(512 + 423 + 33 + 20 + 1*2) / (12+23+3+0+2) = 4.07

Hi @Deep_Shah,
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Have a look a this example and see if it’s helpful:

I tried to made it self explicable and with some handful features.
Do let me know if this is what you intended and feel free to ask further

I found this one which is also a better solution